Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mint Mojito or Moisturiser? Ways To Make Herbs Go Further

 Usually when I buy a sprig of mint or mint plant (Mr Mint, above left) I waste part of it, as by the time I use it some has wilted. We could save a lot of money or feed a lot of homeless people with all the food we waste! So I really got carried away this time by using up every bit of mint. Mr Mint was leaf-free after I tried all these recipes below...

The Drink: Mint Ice Cubes 

Herbs can be preserved by freezing them as ice cubes, providing, in this case, minty ice for refreshing drinks and cocktails. Mojito time.

The Beauty Regime: Infused Oils

Whereas essential oils require large amounts of plants/flowers to produce a small strong bottle of oil, infused or 'macerated' oils do not require as much plant product or any dilution. This was my first attempt at an infused oil - I left the handful of mint in a bottle of neutral oil (e.g. sunflower) on a windowsill for about three weeks. Remove any leaves that go bad. After a few weeks the oil takes on the scent and properties of the plant involved. Mint lip balm or face cream, yes please.

The Cooking Addition: Herby Butter

Chopped mint mixed into butter and wrapped inside baking parchment. Then preserved in the fridge to use on boiled potatoes or a piece meat. Simple. 

The Sandwich Ingredient: Brie, Apple And Mint

Use herbs up by brightening up a daily sandwich. My original sandwich post is here.

Have you any favourite recipes for using up perishable food?

Thanks for reading,
Leanne x


  1. You are so cleaver! I would have never thought of all these uses- and of course, that can go for any kind of herb... chives in my butter sound good for a veggie dish. Loving the ice cube idea. That might be the best idea I've heard all week! Thanks! Kathryne @gettunsullied XOXO

    1. Thank you Kathryne lovely lass! Mm chives in butter good idea I've gotta try that now! Thanks for the blog love XX

  2. These are so great!

    I just found your blog and I love it already! You have a new follower :)

  3. Thank you Amber! Thanks for the blog love! :D

  4. Really cool idea!!!! By the way, I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. If you want to participate, read more about it in this blog post!

    1. Ah thank you Alex! Will go have a read of your post :)