Friday, 28 March 2014

We've Moved!

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Hello all,
Just a quick note to say we're moving! The blog is getting a makeover, so it looks more like a little online magazine, and it's getting a new name.
I'm still tweaking it but when everything's ready I'll put the link here so you can see the new design and new posts. Thanks for all your support, readers, as always!

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See you soon! Leanne x

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mint Mojito or Moisturiser? Ways To Make Herbs Go Further

 Usually when I buy a sprig of mint or mint plant (Mr Mint, above left) I waste part of it, as by the time I use it some has wilted. We could save a lot of money or feed a lot of homeless people with all the food we waste! So I really got carried away this time by using up every bit of mint. Mr Mint was leaf-free after I tried all these recipes below...

The Drink: Mint Ice Cubes 

Herbs can be preserved by freezing them as ice cubes, providing, in this case, minty ice for refreshing drinks and cocktails. Mojito time.

The Beauty Regime: Infused Oils

Whereas essential oils require large amounts of plants/flowers to produce a small strong bottle of oil, infused or 'macerated' oils do not require as much plant product or any dilution. This was my first attempt at an infused oil - I left the handful of mint in a bottle of neutral oil (e.g. sunflower) on a windowsill for about three weeks. Remove any leaves that go bad. After a few weeks the oil takes on the scent and properties of the plant involved. Mint lip balm or face cream, yes please.

The Cooking Addition: Herby Butter

Chopped mint mixed into butter and wrapped inside baking parchment. Then preserved in the fridge to use on boiled potatoes or a piece meat. Simple. 

The Sandwich Ingredient: Brie, Apple And Mint

Use herbs up by brightening up a daily sandwich. My original sandwich post is here.

Have you any favourite recipes for using up perishable food?

Thanks for reading,
Leanne x